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Ayurveda is a traditional Indian system of medicine also practiced in Nepal and Malasiya. Ayurvedic researches evidence/results are however scattered in different sources. Many thesis works are not published and research articles not indexed in popular databases. Therefore ayurvedic literature is still unavailable or difficult procure for ordinary patients, doctors and researchers.

To make the search easier IAD has developed a structured search strategy for ayurvedic publications through this website. Through our search methods the most of ayurvedic research literature, articles and journals scattered in different university, medical college libraries can be tracked. However literature available in this site is either published in any scientific journal or an outcome of thesis work for post graduate or post doctoral studies. Repositories for institutions, individuals and journals are created to facilitate wider accessibility for their work. They are governed by the quality standards of Institute of Applied Dermatology. If you wish to read the summary information of these multiple publications read systematic reviews.



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