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It is estimated that a practicing doctor has to read over 19 articles every day to keep phase with the progress in the discipline. That means the latest textbook just out in stands at least 2 years older than the current development. Systematic reviews assist to cope up with this phase of growth of medical science because they summarize the information available in scientific publications on a given topic and synthesize them for the reader/general practitioner.

IAD made an organized attempt for the first time in the country to create data base of systematic review of ayurvedic research publications in public domain. This helps the doctors and patients to know the present status of research on any disease in Ayurveda, and will provide up dated research information from classical texts that are age old. Although systematic reviews are published on a few ayurvedic topics ours is the first ever attempt to structure such reviews using ayurvedic principles. This is also supported by a comprehensive search program through existing electronic data bases and through  Bhagel’s hand searching method”



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