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Systematic reviews of interventions require a thorough, objective and reproducible search of a range of sources to identify as many relevant studies as possible. This is a major factor in distinguishing systematic reviews from traditional narrative reviews and helps to minimize bias and therefore assist in achieving reliable estimates of effects.

The search plan has to follow a strategy that is discussed in the table. Cochrane hand book no 5.0.1 recommends to search beyond MEDLINE to locate many relevant studies as possible. Time and budget restraints require the review author to balance the thoroughness of the search with efficiency in use of time and funds and the best way of achieving this. Within our resource limits one dedicated investigator is doing this job at IAD. At this stage of organizing the search for ayurveda there is a scope for more number of dedicated persons to achieve near total pooling of scattered literature. Searches of health-related bibliographic databases are generally the easiest and least time-consuming way to identify an initial set of relevant reports of studies. We have listed as many as 41 such data bases containing ayurveda research publications.

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