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Developing a protocol is mandatory before undertaking systematic reviews.   Systematic reviews   of Ayurveda treatments are published . However we found that their protocols are not comprehensive in their description of Ayurvedic etiology and interventions.  We  structured protocol  incorporating  principles  of  Ayurveda  using  Switra  (vitiligo) as  a  model. We suggest to use this model while undertaking Ayurveda topics for systematic reviews. We recommend to repeat the subheadings mentioned in the switra protocol for future topics.

The spelling for Ayurvedic terminology in this document follows the convention by Indian authors who write English language commentaries on Ayurvedic texts     

Protocol : Ayurveda Cikitsa for Switra (Vitiligo)


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. This project needs financial support. Previously department of science & technology (NSTMIS division) had            supported  the creation of this initial database.

. We are looking forward for contribution and collaburation to expand these database.

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